For a Climate and Environment Scientific Council


Italy, September 23, 2022


     The undersigned political forces are aware of the seriousness of the climate and environmental crisis, as revealed by scientific studies and now unfortunately also by daily events; and they are aware that solving it is necessary to realize any future development project for our country; they therefore willingly welcome the help of the scientific community in climate and environmental matters, help that can be critical in establishing the most effective policies, also in terms of cost-benefit, and above all in avoiding a worsening of the crisis that would constrain more and more of the country’s resources to a mere management of constant emergencies.

     In particular, the undersigned political forces agree to establish, at the beginning of the 19th legislature 2022-2027, crucial for the fate of the country, a body, which could be called the “Climate and Environment Scientific Council,” capable of offering organic advice to government and parliament. Such a body:

will be created by a law, which will define its interactions with government, parliament, and public opinion;

will have a preparatory function, in the discussion of measures impacting climate and environment, and an evaluative function and possible stimulus to improve the measures taken;

will consist of scientists representing universities, research institutions, and scientific societies, chosen for their expertise and independence.

The representatives of the political forces signing this pledge also agree to create, as of now, a contact group among themselves and with the Scientific Committee “Science on the Ballot,” the promoter of the initiative, to enable rapid communications exclusively aimed at the rapid presentation and approval in Parliament of the law establishing the advisory body.

With responsibility toward the future of the country,

(to see the original text of the agreement and the signatures of the political forces, click here)